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Colonoscopy: Plenvu®


To ensure a successful exam, please follow all instructions carefully. You MUST arrange a ride for the day of your exam. If you fail to arrange acceptable transportation, your procedure will need to be rescheduled. If you have diabetes, ask your physician for diet and medication instructions. If you are or may be pregnant, please discuss the risks and benefits of this procedure with your doctor.

Please bring a list of all of your current medications, including any over-the-counter medications with you. If you must cancel or reschedule your appointment, please call your doctor’s office as soon as possible.


Fill prescription for SUPREP at your local pharmacy.


If you take aspirin or NSAIDS such as Advil, Motrin, Celebrex or Ibuprofen, you may continue to take them as usual unless otherwise instructed by your physician. You should discuss this with your physician in advance of the procedure. Ask your doctor for specific instructions if you take a blood thinner like Plavix, Pradaxa, Clopidogrel, Coumadin, Warfarin, Effient, Prasugrel or Lovenox.


Stop eating all nuts, seeds and popcorn.


Begin a clear liquid diet. Drink at least 8 glasses of water during the day to avoid dehydration.

At 12 NOON, take (2) Dulcolax tablets. At 4p.m. begin drinking prep mixture and continue to drink an 8oz glass every 15 minutes until half of the solution is gone. Continue drinking clear liquids.

Depending on the time of your procedure, your prep may vary.

If you are scheduled to arrive before 9am the following morning, drink remaining 2 liters of the mixture at 10pm.

Clear Liquid:
Gatorade, Pedialyte or Powerade
Clear Broth or Bouillon
Coffee or Tea (No Milk or Non-Dairy Creamer)
Carbonated and Non-Carbonated Soft Drinks
Kool-Aid or Other Fruit-Flavored Drinks
Strained Fruit Juices (No pulp)
Jell-O, Popsicles, Hard Candy

Not Clear Liquid:
No red or purple items of any kind
No alcohol
No milk or non dairy creamers
No noodles or vegetables in soup
No juice with pulp
No liquid you cannot see through



If your procedure is AFTER 9am today, repeat these steps. then you must continue drinking 8oz glasses of the mixture until the rest of the solution is gone. Be sure to finish the prep at least 3 hours before the exam.

3 hours before, stop drinking all clear liquids. You may take all of your usual morning medications with 4 oz of water up to 3 hours prior to your procedure. Bring a list of all of your current medications, including any over-the-counter medications, with you.

You are ready for the exam if you followed all instructions and your stool is no longer formed, but clear or yellow liquid.


1. Stay near a toilet! You will have diarrhea, which can be quite sudden. This is normal.

2. Continue to drink the prep solution every 15 minutes as directed. Occasionally, this may involve drinking the solution while sitting on the toilet.

3. Rarely, people may experience nausea or vomiting with the prep. If this occurs, give yourself a 30-90 minute break, rinse your mouth or brush your teeth, then continue drinking the prep solution.

4. It is common to experience abdominal discomfort until the stool has flushed from your colon (this may take 2 to 4 hours, and occasionally significantly longer).

5. Anal skin irritation or a flare of hemorrhoidal inflammation may occur and can be treated with a variety of over the counter remedies including hydrocortisone creams, baby wipes or Tucks pads. Avoid products containing alcohol. If you have a prescription for hemorrhoid cream, you may use it. Do not use suppositories.

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